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Make Your Art Work
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Stephanie Law raised over $100k for her art book using Kickstarter. It wasn’t luck. She had a clear formula, and now you can have this same formula.

Unlike many online courses, we also have a Slack group where many artists ask questions and have many answers.

You KNOW the difference in learning, comprehension, and most importantly, MOTIVATION, that you get from a strong community of motivated artists.

Crowdfunding is a key tool for artists.

In this exclusive intensive, you’ll learn:

* How to set and reach your funding goals.

* One key aspect of crowdfunding that most first-timers don’t know.

* The exact templates and formula Stephanie used to launch her own successful Kickstarter campaign.

* How to optimize your campaign to get on the Kickstarter “What’s Hot” listing.

* How to excite and engage your backers and keep them engaged after your campaign ends.

* The formula to ensure that your rewards are attractive AND realistic.

What if I don’t have a Kickstarter project yet?

It’s ok if you don’t have a project ready. You don’t need to. Once you enroll in this intensive, you’ll have access to the videos and materials FOREVER.

And what you’ll learn in this intensive will help you build an engaged fan-base that will be eager and ready when you DO have a project.

About Stephanie

Stephanie Law began her illustration career working with many fantasy gaming companies. She’s done pieces for Wizards of the Coast in Magic: the Gathering and Forgotten Realms, as well as with Skotos Tech (Castle Marrach), White Wolf (Changeling), Alderac Entertainment (Legend of Five Rings), and Green Ronin (Blue Rose). She has also worked with publishing companies LUNA Books, Tachyon Books and Palazzo Editions. 

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Key aspects of crowdfunding that most first-timers don't know
How to evaluate your idea
A guide on researching costs
Templates and guides for tracking
Planning and marketing techniques
How to generate buzz and excitement


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Kick Start Art

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