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Art Business Bootcamp PDFs (Complete Set of 10)

Make Your Art Work
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We artists want to focus on making art. That's why the business side of our work is so important. If we are putting food on the table, we can focus on creating.

Many artists use our one-sheet cheat sheet PDFs for our Art Business BootCamp lectures as a resource, and as inspiration to level up all aspects of their art business.

Included are the PDFs on

Getting you Found
Getting you Hired
Getting you Paid
Art Gallery Survival
Selling the Artist (Branding)
Web Presence
Portfolio Reviews
and Women in Art Business/Confidence

plus our Contract Template

These PDFs represent years of research and experience from us (Marc and Lauren). We are both artists, art directors, and gallery curators. We sit on both sides of the table and created these bootcamps to help artists navigate their careers and avoid many of the pitfalls.

We wanted these to be accessible to everyone, while allowing people to pay what they feel is a fair price for all of this information. So if you feel like $5, $50, or $500 is fair, we trust you. If you are truly a starving artist, please, spend your money on food and have take the PDFs, on the house.

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Art Business Bootcamp PDFs (Complete Set of 10)

192 ratings
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